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"NCLR has just quietly gone about its business of making itself arguably the most important literary journal in the state."—Richard Krawiec
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number 1.2 1993

Cover art by C.E. Walker

Featuring a special tribute to Manly Wade Wellman


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Read reviews from the Asheville Citizen-Times and the Southern Pines Pilot (one by Shelby Stephenson, the other focusing on Manly Wade Wellman)

Table of Contents: Manly Wade Wellman| Features | Portfolio | Syllabus | Thomas Wolfe| Freedom of Speech Readers Places | Archives | North Carolina Writers | Reviews | Gatherings | Glider | Correspondent

Manly Wade Wellman

  • The Curtain Rises, an essay by Fred Chappell
  • Downtown Movie Theatres, photographs collected by Tom Whiteside
  • Three Stories, by Louise Anderson
  • Louise Anderson, Storyteller, by Vic Moffett
  • More at Home Now: A Conversation with James Applewhite, by Sally Sullivan
  • Seven New Poems, by James Applewhite
  • The Heart Must from Its Breaking, a short story by Leon Rooke
    Illustrations by Stanton Blakeslee and Lee Misenheimer
  • I Know 8,000 Lunatics: Reflections of an Apple-Stealing S.O.B., by Michael Parker
  • State Highway Historic Markers: Public Commemoration and Literary History, by Michael Hill
  • Rose Goode McCullough: Writer, Historian, and Legend, by Bertie E. Fearing
  • A Directory of Small Magazines and Literary Journals in North Carolina, by Tim Hampton
  • Alligator Holes down along about Old Dock, a poem by A. R. Ammons
  • Remembering Manly Wade Wellman, by Frances Obrist Wellman
  • The Most Personal of Teachers: A Student Remembers, by Stephen Smith
  • Planning Your Novel, by Manly Wade Wellman
  • Frances Garfield: A Teller of Horror Tales, "Not for Women Only," by Bertie E. Fearing
  • I'll Build Me a Desrick on Yandro's High Hill: Manly Wade Wellman's Multifaceted Career, by Andy Duncan and articles and essays by Lewis Coble, Sam Ragan, C. Bruce Hunter, and photographs by Patti Perrettett

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  • Drawings by Catherine Walker

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  • Black and White in North Carolina Literature, by Sally Buckner

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Thomas Wolfe

  • Dear Mrs. Wolfe / Dear Mama: Maxwell Perkins and Elizabeth Nowell in Search of Thomas Wolfe Manuscripts, by Aldo P. Magi

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Freedom of Speech

  • Who Knows What You've Been Reading? by Gene D. Lanier

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Readers Places

  • The Magic of a Reading Place of My Own: Malaprop's in Asheville, by Emöke B'Rácz

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  • The Land Always Calls to Its Own: The Inglis Fletcher Papers, by Maurice C. York
  • Omar ibn Sayid: An Arabic Slave/Scholar in Nineteenth-Century Carolina, by Patricia Gantt

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North Carolina Writers

  • A Dictionary of North Carolina Writers, Bo-Che, by John Patterson

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  • William G. Cherry, III on new Thomas Wolfe books
  • Tim Hampton interviews James Clark
  • Megan Simpson on new poetry collections by Deborah Pope, Grey Brown, Jeffery Beam, and William Boyd
  • Sparrow on new poetry collections by Michael Chitwood and William Boyd
  • Ivor Erwin on new novels by Michael Parker, Tim Sandlin, and Luke Whisnant

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  • North Carolina Writers Conference, by Betty Hodges
  • Talking Carolina Talk, by Leon Rooke
  • North Carolina Writers' Network Multiethnic Celebration, by Rachel Stroud Hunsinger
  • North Carolina Writers' Network Conference, by Rachel Stroud Hunsinger
  • North Carolina Women Writers Conference, by Pepper Worthington
  • North Carolina Literary and Historical Association

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  • News, advertisements, and letters to the editor

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  • A Letter from Duke, by Linda Flowers

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