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"NCLR has just quietly gone about its business of making itself arguably the most important literary journal in the state."—Richard Krawiec
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number 2.2 1995

Cover art by Irwin Kremen

Featuring Black Mountain College


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Table of Contents:Features | Reviews | Thomas Wolfe | Small Magazines | North Carolina Writers | Freedom of Speech


  • The Dance at the End of the War, a story by Elaine Gottlieb
    Illustrations by Joan Mansfield
  • Black Mountain College: The Success of Its Own Accident,
    by Tom Patterson
  • Socrates and Serendipity: Ungainly Beginnings of an Improbable College,
    by Katherine C. Reynolds
  • Getting By and Through the '40s, by I.S. Nakata
  • On Black Mountain College, by Irwin Kremen
  • Meeting Charles Olson at Black Mountain, by Michael Rumaker
  • "Don't Touch the Poet," by Lyman Gilmore
  • Five Poems by Joel Oppenheimer
    Illustrations by David Rose
  • New Dungarees, by Mary Parks Washington
  • Colored Men: The Distance Between Flash and Boom, by Martha King
  • The Return to Black Mountain, by Fielding Dawson
  • On Discovering Black Mountain College, by Mary Emma Harris
  • Women in Waiting: Women Writers at Black Mountain College, by Lois Redmond
  • Twenty-Seven Batting-Practice Pitches for the John Kruk of American Letters: An Interview with Jonathan Williams, by Leverett T. Smith
  • Adam and Eve, drawings by Gregory Masurovsky
  • "Spatial and Energetic": A Conversation with Fielding Dawson, by Joseph Bathanti
  • Farther than Far, a story by Fielding Dawson
    Illustrations by Stanton Blakeslee
  • Two Poems by Thomas Cottle
  • The Black Mountain Lecture, by Fielding Dawson
  • The Metcalfs in North Carolina, by Paul Metcalf
  • Paul Metcalf: An Introduction, by Christy Alexander
  • "America's Light Was Not Easy," by Basil King
    Illustrations by Sue Johnson
  • Tracking the Asheville Literary Renaissance,
    by Thomas Rain Crowe
    Photographs by Mark Olencki
  • 1994 Poetry Slams National Championships, by Gene Hyde
    Poems by Jim Nave, Dan Rourke, and Allan Wolf
  • On Sifting through A.R. Ammons's Garbage, by Steven P. Schneider
    Textures by Lee Misenheimer
  • A World of Fisher Folks, by David Cecelski
  • Two Poems by Peter Makuck
  • Six Poems by Jeffery Beam
  • Lake Amnesia, by Michael Parker
    Illustrations by Brian Woodlief
  • Something's Nothing, a poem by A.R. Ammons

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  • Janet Lembke on mystery novels by Margaret Maron, Elizabeth Daniels Squire, and Toni L.P. Kelner
  • Elisabeth Rose on Fiction by Doris Betts and Ellyn Bache
  • Mike Hamer on Reynolds Price's A Whole New Life and other disability literature

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Thomas Wolfe

  • "Two Tons of Manuscript": Thomas Wolfe Archives, by Ted Mitchell
  • The Wolfe Train: Kennedy as Engineer, by James W. Clark, Jr.

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Small Magazines

  • New Listings and updates, by Alice Caverly

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North Carolina Writers

  • A Dictionary of NC Writers, E with Updates, A-D by John S. Patterson
  • A Directory of NC Mystery Writers, by Art Taylor
  • Let Us Now Praise Shirley Anders, by Michael McFee
  • Karl Edward Wagner: A Personal Farewell, by C. Bruce Hunter

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Freedom of Speech

  • Is Hate a Family Value? by Gene D. Lanier
  • Word Wars by Elizabeth McDavid
  • Reviews of Bridge to Terabithia, by Courtney Redmond and Amanda McDavid

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