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2000-2001 Student
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Editorial Assistants

Allyson Michelle Graham
Corinee Guy
Melissa Edmundson


Jacki Wright
Courtney Martin
Patrick Phillips
Gene Willoughby, II

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number 10 2001

Cover art by Olivia Gatewood, design by Mary Thiesen

Featuring Science Fiction and Fantasy in North Carolina

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Table of Contents: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Poetry, Prose, and Fiction | Food Finds | Book Reviews | NC Writers

Science Fiction and Fantasy in North Carolina

  • North Carolina Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers: A Bibliographic Essay, by Warren G. Rochelle
  • Orson Scott Card: A Study in Contrasts, by W. A. Senior
  • Faces in Stained Glass, a story by Paul A. Gilster
    illustrated by Lali
  • Interviews in Cold Springs, North Carolina, a story by Warren Rochelle
    illustrated by Lali
  • An Alien in Raleigh: An Interview with John Kessel, by C.W. Sullivan, III, and James Craig Holte
  • It Came Out of the Sky, a story by F. Brett Cox
    photography by Jamie Konarski
  • At the Instantaneous Center of Rotation, a novel excerpt by William Barton
    art by Jerry Kirk and Clara Lieu
  • Martin Gardner: North Carolina's Historian of Oz and Annotator of Alice, by Mark I. West
  • Blue Moon, a story by Matthew Twining
    illustrated by Harvey Bilisoly
  • How Does Your Garden Grieve?, an essay by Martin K. Smith
    illustrated by Louise Zjawin Francke

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Poetry, Prose, and Fiction

  • A Pompeiian Dispensation, Revenir, and After the Ball, three poems by David Tillinghast
    illustrations by Joan Mansfield
  • The Ants and the Double Helix, a poem by Catherine Carter
    photography by Jacquelyn Tait Leebrick
  • After Another Death and Loaf, two poems by Mark Smith-Soto
    photography by Jacquelyn Tait Leebrick
  • Pelican, a poem by Chris Waters
    art by Alan Cheek
  • Marlin Run, Ocracoke, a poem by Julie Kate Howard
  • Salting Cows, an essay by C.V. Davis
    photography by Jamie Konarski
  • Carrying, an essay by James O. Chatham
  • Nora, a short story by Tammy Wilson
    illustrations by Shelton Bryant
  • Want Ads, a short story by Kim Church

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Food Finds

  • Food and Culture, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • Udderly Delicious: The Cow Cafe, New Bern, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • J. Basul Noble, High Point, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • Dick's Hot Dog Stand, Wilson and Dip's in Chapel Hill, by Virginia Gunn Fick

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Book Reviews

  • Circles of Light and Journeys into Darkness,
    a review of Tony Earley's Jim the Boy, by Tim Edwards
  • Fortunate Son, a review of Eric Martin's Luck, by Jeff Abernathy
  • Of Mythic Beasts and Mobile Homes I Sing,
    a review of Steven Sherrill's The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, by George Hovis
  • New Voices in the New South, a review of Judith Minthorn Stacy's Styles by Maggie Sweet and Judy Goldman's The Slow Way Back, by Barbara Bennett
  • An Edge on the Outer Banks, a review of Alyson Hagy's Graveyard of the Atlantic and David Stick's An Outer Banks Reader, by Tonita Branan
    art by Alan Cheek
  • Strains of Country Music, a review of three new poetry collections, by Jake Adam York
  • Struggles and Heroism of Southern Life,
    a review of James O. Chatham's Sundays Down South: A Pastor's Stories, by James Norton

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North Carolina Writers

  • Dictionary of North Carolina Writers, McClanahan to Murrow, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • "The Poetics of Work": An Interview with Robert Morgan, by Patrick and Resa Crane Bizzaro
  • NC Newsbriefs, by Corinee Guy

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