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"NCLR has just quietly gone about its business of making itself arguably the most important literary journal in the state."—Richard Krawiec


2001-2002 Student
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Editorial Assistants

Melissa Edmundson
Celeste Pottier


Donna Beacham
Sherrell Branch
Carolyn K. Dunn
Michelle Friedlander

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number 11 2002

Cover design by Mary Thiesen

Featuring NCLR's 10th Anniversary

Read the Editor's Introduction and a news story about the 10th anniversary.


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Table of Contents: Anniversary | Creative Writing | Food Finds | Book Reviews | NC Writers | Quotations

NCLR's 10th Anniversary

  • An October Story from the Youth of Thomas Wolfe, by Mabel Wolfe Wheaton with LeGette Blythe, introduced by LeGette Blythe
  • Afterword: Thomas Wolfe's First "October" Fair, by James W. Clark, Jr.
  • John Lawson and the Warring Nations: A Meditation on Images of Terror and "The Other," by Marjorie Hudson
  • Two Conferences Honor the Legacy of John Lawson, Carolina's Gentleman Naturalist and Writer, by Marjorie Hudson
  • "You sang me a song, and I heard": The Song Behind a Wellman Legend, by Mark Ogilvie
  • White Heat in Wilmington: The Dialogue Between Journalism and Literature in The Marrow of Tradition, by Dolen Perkins
  • Adrift in the South, by Emil Willimetz
    introduced by Mary Emma Harris
  • Women Writers of Black Mountain College, by Lois Carol Wheatley
  • "Out of all places, East Carolina": Talking with NCLR's Founding Editor, Alex Albright, an interview by Peter Makuck
  • Who is my Neighbor?: Parables of Survival from the Floyd Flood of 1999, by Charles D. Thompson, Jr.
    photography by Rob Amberg
  • Sword Holes in the Sofa: Documenting the Autobiographical in Ross McElwee's Sherman's March, by James H. Watkins
    art by James Lancel McElhinney

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Creative Writing

  • Morning Prayer, a poem by Susan Meyers
    art by Betty Hendrix
  • Education South, a story by Paul Green
    introducted by Laurence G. Avery
    photography by Gary Weissman
  • Gift of Roses, a fantasy story by Fred Chappell
    illustrated by Fritz Janschka
    Afterword: Chappell's "Gift of Roses,": Something Old, Something New, by Patrick Bizzaro
  • Out of the Water, a poem by Yvette Neisser
    art by Sahar Fakhoury
  • Playing Baby Dolls with the Girls, a story by Ruth Moose
  • Dining with Robert Redford, a story by Tammy Wilson
    illustrated by Grey Blackwell
  • Odd-Patterned, a poem by Judith C. Beale
  • illustrated by Gary Weissman
    Guitar Man, a play by Joanna L. Reed
    illustrated by Shelton Bryant

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Food Finds

  • Barbecue Culture Shock: Stamey's Barbecue, Greensboro, by Gwen Ashley Walters
    photography by Kenneth Bennett
  • Short and Sweet: Pat's Soda Shop, Vanceboro, by Lorraine Hale Robinson

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Book Reviews

  • Civil War and Collateral Damage, a review of two North Carolina Post-Civil War novels, by Jerry Leath Mills
  • Murder and Mayhem, Gothic and Grotesque, a review of four recent North Carolina mysteries, by Donna Summerlin
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pagan, a review of a new novel by Black Mountain College alumnus Michael Rumaker, by Jeffery Beam
  • Three Tarheel Writers: A Girl, a Guy, and a Gallimaufry, a review of recent North Carolina memoirs, by Janet Lembke
  • Radio Writers, a review of two NPR collections, by James O. Chatham
  • The Code for Home, a review of two award- winning collections of poetry, by Jake Adam York

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North Carolina Writers

  • The Snow L. and B.W.C. Roberts Collection of North Carolina Fiction, by Nancy P. Shires
  • NC Newsbriefs, by Melissa Edmundson
  • Speculative Fiction in North Carolina, an Addendum, by Celeste Pottier
  • Trinoc*con, by Dan Reid
  • Dictionary of North Carolina Writers, A-M (addenda), by Lorraine Hale Robinson, with NCLR staff
  • "A good story well told": Robert Inman's Storytelling Journey, by Anna Dunlap Higgins

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