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number 12 2003

Cover design by Mary Thiesen

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First Flight: Aviation in North Carolina Literature and Letters

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Table of Contents: Anniversary of the First Flight | Flashbacks | Creative Writing | Food Finds | Book Reviews | NC Writers

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First Flight: Aviation in North Carolina Literature and Letters

  • Gliding into a New Era Cover Story: First Flight, Photo Finds, and Friendship, by Lorraine Hale Robinson

    Son of a Gun, Sky-high: Clyde Edgerton on Flying, an interview by Tonita S. Branan
  • Soaring on "words of living flame": Flights of Narrative Fancy in Clyde Edgerton's The Floatplane Notebooks and In Memory of Junior, by Tim Edwards
  • A Fictional Flight "First"—Set in North Carolina, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • "living deeper into matter": Robert Frost's "Kitty Hawk" and the Creation of Nature, by William Stott
  • "I pay my part for Lafayette and Rochambeau": North Carolina's Lafayette Escadrille Pilots, by Melissa Edmundson
  • "the pilot sleeps": Randall Jarrell's Wartime Flight Poems, by Maryscot Mullins
  • Alone in the Air, an essay by James Chris Wise
  • "the desire to fly faster, farther, and higher": Amelia Earhart Remembered, by Heather M. White and Lu Ann Jones

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Flashbacks: Echoes of Past Issues

  • Look Homeward, Angel: Of Ghosts, Angels, and Lostness, by Elizabeth Spencer
    Introduced by Terry L. Roberts
  • Pictures for Words: Douglas Gorsline's Illustrations for Look Homeward, Angel, by Timothy A. Riggs

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Creative Writing

  • River-Ruin, The Vanished Farmhouse, Christmas by the River, Fall Will, Looking Up from the Woodland Clearing, and Ceremony at Heroes' Square, six poems by James Applewhite
    photography by Jean-Luc Scemama, Joseph Smooke, and Jan G. Hensley
  • The Warehouse 1970, 7240 Wrightsville Causeway, and Not Quitting the Choir, three poems by Robert Hill Long
    photography by Ryan Blake Webb
  • Country Place, Requiem, and Legacy, three poems by Bill Griffin
    photography by Jacquelyn Leebrick
  • Okra Stew and A Left at Clara's Rock, two poems by Kelly K. Hamilton
    photography by Gilbert Leebrick
  • The Least Dread, a story by Dale Neal
    illustrated by Rochelle E. Johnson
  • Explosions, a story by Amy E. Weldon
    illustrated by Whitney Preslar
  • Into the Wind, a story by Stacey Cochran
    illustrated by Natalia Moroz
  • Solitaire, a story by Vicki Moreland
    illustrated by Elizabeth McRorie
  • Canton Hybrids, a poem by Sally Molini
    photography by Joseph Smooke
  • Wedding Belles, a story by Melissa Hardy
    illustrated by Jennifer Vivekanand

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Food Finds

  • Hillbilly Hideaway, Stokes County, by Virginia Gunn Fick
  • A New Voyage to Carolina: Dining at Windmill Point Restaurant, Nag's Head, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • Fish Stews, Pitt County, by W. Keats Sparrow

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Book Reviews

  • Finding Our Way Through Fear and Remembrance, a review of new short fiction collections by Jill McCorkle and Allan Gurganus, by Christina G. Bucher
  • The High Cost of Being Human, a review of Peter Makuck's Costly Habits, by Michael Parker
  • What Lies Beneath: Myth, Memory, and Obsession, a review essay on new novels by Mark Powell and Pamela Duncan, by Paula Gallant Eckard
  • Souls on a Wire: Technology and the Search for Connections, a review of Wendy Brenner's Phone Calls from the Dead, by Mary Carroll-Hackett
  • Obsession and Loss: New Works on Roanoke and the "Lost Colony," a review essay by E. Thomson Shields, Jr.
  • Humor, History, and Family, a review of Hunter James's The Last Days of Big Grassy Fork, by Gretchen Martin

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North Carolina Writers

  • The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame and a Literary Historian's Perspective: An Interview with James W. Clark, Jr., by Lisa Morgan
    photography by Jan G. Hensley
  • Like A Brother: Profile of a Literary Friendship, an interview with Tim McLaurin and Clyde Edgerton by Sheryl Cornett
  • Tim McLaurin: Fayetteville, December 14, 1953 – Morehead City, July 12, 2002, a remembrance by Jerry Leath Mills
  • "To walk these hills": Poetic Inspiration for Appalachian Poet Hilda Downer, by Anna Dunlap Higgins
  • Dictionary of North Carolina Writers, Nash to Proffitt, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • NC Newsbriefs, by Celeste Pottier
  • NCLR Celebrates 10th Anniversary
    photography by Ryan Webb

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