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number 17 2008

Cover art by Dwane Powell, design by Stephanie Whitlock Dicken

Featuring North Carolina Humor: The Old Mirth State with Mirth Carolina Laugh Tracks, a dual CD set with music and readings by some of North Carolina's funniest favorites

Read the Editor's issue introduction and a review from ECU's Pieces of Eight.

$15.00 for issue and CD; sold separately at $10 each

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Table of Contents: North Carolina Humor: The Old Mirth State | Mirth Carolina Laugh Tracks: CDs | Flashbacks | Creative Writing | Reviews and News

North Carolina Humor: The Old Mirth State

  • The "Inimitable Music" of Eastern North Carolina, an essay by Michael Parker
    photography by Joshua Tyler Rivenbark
  • Men Like White Elephants, a short story
    by Lawrence Naumoff
    illustrated by Kyle T. Webster
  • Desecration, a short story by Chris Brown
    illustrated by Kyle T. Webster
  • Eggcorns, a poem by Catherine Carter
    art by Paul Hartley
  • By Numbers and Oh Man, two poems by Michael McFee
    art by Carol Lee Thompson
  • Regarding the State Dog, a poem by Martha Owens
    art by Louis St. Lewis
  • Ruins of Time, an essay by Jerry Leath Mills
    art by Mike Hoyt
  • Dog Drama, an essay by Jennifer McGaha
    art by Guy Smalley
  • Southwest Humor's Frontier Preacher: Hardin E. Taliaferro and Sketches from Fisher's River, by Gretchen Martin
  • Hardin Taliaferro, the Gentlest of Southwestern Humorists, by Jennings Mace
  • Body Language and Satiric Portraits in Thomas Wolfe's The Party at Jack's, by John Idol, Jr.
  • A "love of hopeless comedy": The Humor of Personal and Cultural Crisis in Allan Gurganus’s Plays Well With Others, by Gary Richards
  • Not Always a "Piece of Cake": Harrowing Humor in the Poetry of Kathryn Stripling Byer, an interview by James Smith
  • Piece of Cake and Glorified, two poems by Kathryn Stripling Byer
  • Character, Myth, and the Southern Voice: We're Not in Hee-Haw Any More, a review by Felicia Mitchell
    art by Henryk Fantazos
  • The World that Kudzu Made: Working with Doug Marlette, 1993-2007, by Bland Simpson
    art by Doug Marlette

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Mirth Carolina Laugh Tracks: CDs

  • Safety Patrol Song, a song by Clyde Edgerton
  • Nativity, Caucasian, a story by Allan Gurganus
  • Some Strategies for Weathering This Storm of Approval, an essay by Barry Saunders
  • The Ship Shape, an essay by David Sedaris
  • Whose Idea Was This?, a song by the Coastal Cohorts, Bland Simpson, Jim Wann, and Don Dixon
  • Baloney Bacon and Beer, a song by Clyde Edgerton
  • Hidden Meanings, Treatment of Time, Supreme Irony, and Life Experiences in the Song "Ain't Gonna Bump No More No Big Fat Woman," a story by Michael Parker
  • Older People in Cars, from Lunch at the Piccadilly, an excerpt by Clyde Edgerton
  • Your Husband Is Cheating on Us, a story by Jill McCorkle
  • Sound Side, a song by the Coastal Cohorts, Bland Simpson, Jim Wann, and Don Dixon

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Flashbacks: Echoes of Past Issues

  • Vision, a short story by Liza Wieland
    art by J. Chris Wilson
  • Pompey's Knob, a poem by Susan Meyers
    art by A.R. Ammons
  • "getting dirty and working hard to find the story": An Interview with Kerry Madden, by Angela Leeper
  • Madden's Mountain Music, a review of Kerry Madden's trilogy by Sara K. Day
  • "finding your voice...[is] like falling in love: when it happens, you know it": An Interview with Louise Shivers, by Maryscot Mullins
  • Shelton Laurel, an essay by Ron Rash
  • Leaving Cold Harbor, a novel excerpt by Louise Shivers
  • "a wanderer on the earth" and "a son of the community": Place and the Question of Queers in the Rural Souths of Lee Smith and Randall Kenan, by Harry Thomas
  • Geography for Writers, an essay by Lee Zacharias

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Creative Writing

  • Distance, the 2007 Doris Betts Prize story,
    by Thomas Wolf
    art by Noyes Capehart
  • Five Is Red, the 2007 Betts 2nd place story,
    by Gregg Cusick (Hear Gregg read from the story)
    art by Richard Garrison
  • Myfanwy and the Gargoyle, a poem
    by Brenda Mann Hammack
    art by Duy Huynh
  • Poem for Buck Owens and Coal Twilight, two poems by Frederick Foote
    art by Duy Huynh
  • The River's Embrace, a short story by Michael Chitwood
    art by Richard Stenhouse
  • Mississippiensis and the Happiness of Thoreau, an essay by Chris Morgan
    photography by Gayle Tustin
  • Great Ecology Tour, an essay by Laura L. Mays Hoopes
    art by Joan Mansfield
  • 2-East at Midnight, a poem by Marty Silverthorne
    art by David Terry

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Reviews and News

  • Three Optimists, a review of three poetry collections, by Brooke Horvath
  • Life as We Experience It, a review of five poetry collections, by Al Maginnes
  • Basketball and Other Matters of Transcendent Importance, a review of two memoirs, by James Kirkland
  • Justice Systems, Haunting and Broken, a review of two novels, by Rebecca Godwin
  • Rural and Urban Rites of Passage, a review of two YA Novels, by Laureen Tedesco
  • Grace, Myth, and Invention, a review of three novels, by L. A. Heberlein
  • NC Newsbriefs, by Susan Winders Moses
  • Writing for the Reader, a review of Louise Hawes's new short story collection, by Sally F. Lawrence
  • Three New Books on Thomas Wolfe, by Wiley Cash
  • NCLR Founders Awarded for "Literary Inspiration," remarks by Margaret D. Bauer
  • Happy Trails, a review of a new North Carolina literary reference, by Lorraine Hale Robinson

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