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number 20 2011


cover design Dana Ezzell Gay

cover art Joan Mansfield


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Litsen to an episode of WUNC’s The State of Thingsfeaturing the 20th issue of NCLR.

“beautiful and wonderful and wondrous”—Frannie Ashburn, Director, North Carolina Center for the Book

“absolutely beautiful: really, truly a work of art!”—David Cecelski

“Excellent issue, one of your very best!”—Allan Gurganus

“should inspire a plethora of NC environmental awareness, writing, and teaching”—Joyce Compton Brown, Gardner-Webb University Professor Emerita

number 20 2011 Contents

North Carolina Environmental Writing

“breaking down walls”: An Interview with David Gessner, by Dominique Marshall
art by Joan Mansfield

If sky is skin, then what is wind? and Island Child,
two poems by Anna Elkins
art by Romare Bearden

Driving from Columbia, a poem by James Applewhite
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Kelly L. Adams

The Constant, Haunting Music of the Geese, an essay by David Cecelski
photography by Edward T. Smith

Crumbling the Hummingbird, The Snow’s Already Falling, What’s Left Us, Weighing the Difference, and Lately I Begin with Birds, five poems by Brian Hendrickson
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Robert Dunning
photography by Jon Kolkin

An Imperfect Marriage: Thoughts on Being Faithful to
, an essay by Jan DeBlieu
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Robert Dunning
photography by Edward T. Smith

Work in the Morning and Renovation, two poems by Valerie Nieman
art by Annie Hogan

One North Florida, a poem by B. Landrex Outlaw
art by John Maggio

Cashie River Days, an essay by Bland Simpson
photography by Ann Cary Simpson

Asters and Goldenrod, two poems by Sally Rosen Kindred
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Robert Dunning
art by John Littleton and Kate Vogel

Weeds, an essay by Janet Lembke
photography by Edward T. Smith

i forgive the spiders, a poem by doris davenport
art by Minnie Evans

Tobacco Rise, a poem by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
art by Joan Mansfield

What If More People Move to North Carolina?, a review by Susan Schmidt
photography by Rob Amberg, Scott Taylor,
and Michael Brantley

The Influx, Holy Ground, and In the Graveyard,
three poems by Catherine Carter
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Robert Dunning
art by Jane Filer

Hunting for Camellias at Horseshoe Bend, an essay by Brent Martin
photography by Angela Faye Martin

Bending Back the Night, a poem by Julie Dunlop
art by Jean LeCluyse

Writing the Interior Landscape: An interview with
George Ellison
, by Kathryn Stripling Byer
art by Elizabeth Ellison

I Called Them Trees, To Waste at Trees, What More?,
and Ligustrum
, four poems by Gerald Barrax, Sr.
art by Jacob Lawrence

The Classical Ecopoetics of Fred Chappell’s Backsass
Midquest, by George Hovis
art by Donald Sultan and photography by Rob Amberg

Spirit Country: The Voice of the Earth and Ron Rash’s
Southern Appalachia
, by Jimmy Dean Smith

Call, a poem by Zelda Lockhart
art by Elaine Reed

Great Buzzards and Talking Hogs, Ghost Crabs and Goophered Grapevines, Sharecropping and Riverwriting: Species of North Carolina Environmental Literature,
by Scott Hicks
photography by Sandra Carawan

Flashbacks: Echoes of Past ISSUES

  • Flashback to 20 years ago – and to just last year
    issue introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor
  • “memories, tapestries”: A.R. Ammons and his North Carolina Roots, a review of two new Ammons poetry collections, by Robert West

    Old North State Literary Treasures: A Guidebook and Two Anthologies, a review by Lorraine Hale Robinson    

    Other Voices, Other Worlds, a review of Warren Rochelle’s The Called, by F. Brett Cox

    Wars at Home and Abroad: An Appalachian Homecoming, a review of Charles Dodd White's new novel, by Ed Piacentino

North Carolina Miscellany

  • Introducing and Re-introducing
    issue introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor
  • The Long Voyage Home: Richard McKenna at Chapel Hill, by Thomas Douglass
  • The Left-Handed Monkey Wrench, a short story
    by Richard McKenna
  • Ain’t Gonna Turn Out to Be Nothing, a poem by Marty Silverthorne
    art by Angela Franks Wells
  • As Breaks the Wave Upon the Sea, the 2010 Doris Betts Fiction Prize Winner, by Robert Wallace
    (selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
    art by Robert Dunning
    photography by Mary Shannon Johnstone
    Hear the author read from the story
  • Poetry Journals, Poetry Anthologies, and the Southern Poetry Review Anthology, a review by Jeffrey Franklin
  • (Re)Discovering Guy Owen: A 40th Anniversary Edition of Journey for Joedel, a review by Casey Clabough
  • Guitar Prostitute, a poem by Robert Hill Long
    photography by Edward T. Smith
  • Michael Malone, Witness to the Times, an interview
    by Art Taylor
    illustrations by Allan Gurganus and Daniel Wallace
  • Two Greensboro Novels Confront Loss, a review
    by Kristina Knotts
  • Through Decades, Fresh Visions of Reality, a review
    of new poetry collectons by Sally Buckner
  • Making the Biscuits, a poem by Terri Kirby Erickson
    art by Linda Foard Roberts


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