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Revised Links:
Film Clips in McGehee essay:

Page 52: Silver explains move
Page 53: The move bgins
Page 58:Different perspectives 
on Move
Page 59: Hinton's initial visit
Page 60: Slavery history at Midway
Page 61: Opposing views on Civil War
Page 63: Interracial family ties
Page 64: Hinton's Visit to Midway
Page 65: Closing scene

NCLR Online 2015 Contents

NCLR Online is an open access supplement to the 2015 print issue.

in a global context

North Carolina Writing Beyond the State's Borders
issue introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Big Joy Family
a short story by Jude Whelchel
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Mona Wu
2nd place for the 2016 storySouth Million Writers Award

An Appetite for Language: Introducing Monique Truong
by Lisa Hinrichsen

Burning Bush
a poem by Susan Lefler
(selected by the editors for a Pushcart nomination)
art by Eduardo Lapetina

Traveling the Psychic Highway
Monica Byrne, The Girl in the Road
a review by Kathaleen E. Amende

Monica Byrne on Storytelling and Violence in
The Girl in the Road

an interview with Monica Byrne
by Kathaleen E. Amende

The L Word and Coming in June
two poems by Barbara Conrad
art by Susan Weil

creative nonfiction by Jane Shlensky

Bird Watching
Megan Mayhew Bergman, Birds of a Lesser Paradise
Lee Zacharias, The Only Sounds We Make
a review by Brian Glover

Perfect Pitch

a poem by Richard Betz
art by Silvia Heyden
Listen to the poet read this poem.

Drink Your Juice, Shelby
Tim Anderson, Sweet Tooth
a review by Gary Richards

AAUW Juvenile Literature Award

Insomnia Well Spent

Kat Meads, 2:12 a.m.
a review by Donna Gessell

Distance and Deadweight
two poems by Marylin Hervieux
art by Joseph Fiore

Hope Without Expectations
Kim Church, Byrd
a review by Leigh G. Dillard

Lee Smith Receives Third Sir Walter Raleigh Award

After Perusing Grandma’s Scrapbook
a poem by Grace C. Ocasio
art by J. Stacy Utley
Listen to Susan Laughter Meyers reading this poem.

Moving Away from the Lenticular?:
The Politics of Race, Gender, and Place in
Godfrey Cheshire’s
Moving Midway
by Margaret T. McGehee
Film clips had to be moved since publication.
See lefthand column here for clips.

Two Epistolary Offerings from the North Carolina
Division of Archives and History

John R. Barden, ed, Letter to the Home Circle
Judkin Browning and Michael Thomas Smith, eds,
Letters from a North Carolina Unionist
a review by Lorraine Hale Robinson

a poem by Marcus Gregory Johnston
art by George Scott
Listen to the poet read this poem.



The poetry readings linked in this table of contents are from the 2014 North Carolina Writers Conference, Winston-Salem, NC.


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