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North Carolina ON THE MAP

The Notorious and the Noteworthy
in the Old North State

section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Allan Gurganus: Two Tributes

Homage to THE Allan Gurganus
by Margaret D. Bauer

Celebrating Allan Gurganus, “Our Author”
by Leverett T. Smith, Jr.

Crafting Local Souls:
The Metafiction of Allan Gurganus

by Zackary Vernon

Foodways and the Story of North Carolina
a review by Joanne Joy
Vivian Howard, Deep Run Roots
Randall Kenan, The Carolina Table

Lift Every Voice
a review by Walter Squire
Wiley Cash, The Last Ballad

The Biltmore’s Unlikely Hero
a review by Teresa Bryson
Robert Beatty, Serafina and the Black Cloak

a poem by Janet Joyner
art by Carol Retsch-Bogart

With Eyes to See It
a review by Zackary Vernon
Ron Rash, Above the Waterfall

Redemption in the Imprisoning Mountains
a review by Savannah Paige Murray
Ron Rash, The Risen

Terry Roberts Receives James Still Award

In it for Life
a review by Anna Dunlap Higgins-Harrell
Mae Miller Claxton and Rain Newcomb, eds.
Conversations with Ron Rash

Sea, Sand, and Human Hands
a review by Alton Ballance
David Blevins, North Carolina’s Barrier Islands
Karen Willis Amspacher and Barbara Garrity-Blake, Living at the Water’s Edge

Bland Simpson Receives 2017 Caldwell
Humanities Award

a short story by Leah Hampton
art by Donald Sultan

Giving Fictional Shape to History
a review by Kristina L. Knotts
Robert Morgan, As Rain Turns to Snow
and Other Stories

Wolfe Award Goes to Debut Novelist

Inside the Mind of Reynolds Price
a review by James W. Clark, Jr.
Alex Harris and Margaret Sartor,
Dream of a House: The Passions and
Preoccupations of Reynolds Price

Extraordinary Misadventures
a review by Barbara Bennett
Daniel Wallace, Extraordinary Adventures

North Carolina, My Kith, My Home
by Ali Standish

Exemplary EbzB Team Receives Hardee Rives Award
presentation remarks by Lorraine Hale Robinson

2017 Parker Award Winner Pays It Forward



2017-2018 Student
Staff Members:

Editorial Assistants

Ryan Smith
Omar Sutherland


Harley Beechner
Amber Colbert
Elizabeth Grimsley
Samantha Grzybek
Autumn Gunsley
Hannah Hensley
Max Herbert
Kristen Williams

Best of the Net nominations from this issue:

short stories by Leah Hampton and W.A. Polf

poetry by Christina Clark, Annie Frazier, Janet Joyner, Lenard D. Moore, Marty Silverthorne, and Nicole Stockburger

flashbacks: Echoes of Past issues

Reconnections and Remembrances
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

“You must always have an ‘Alex’”:
How a Wrong Turn Became the Right Place

by Emily Herring Wilson

In Memoriam: Thomas E. Douglass
by Alex Albright

A Portrait of Pauli
a review by Christina G. Bucher
Rosalind Rosenberg, Jane Crow

Chopping Weeds
a poem by Lenard D. Moore
art by David C. Driskell

Memories for Safekeeping
a review by L. Teresa Church
Lenard D. Moore, The Open Eye
Glenis Redmond, What My Hand Say

Love Letters and Wedding Dress Ashes
a poem by Marty Silverthorne
art by Courtney Johnson

Growing up in the Blue Ridge: The Lives of
Two North Carolina Mountain Writers

a review by Gene Hyde
Wilma Dykeman, Family of Earth
Gregory S. Taylor, James Larkin Pearson

Spreading Awe: Childhood and Heritage
a review by Sarah Huener
Joseph Bathanti, The 13th Sunday after Pentecost
Michael McFee, We Were Once Here

The Ragan Old North State Award
presentation remarks by D.G. Martin

Farm Nights
a poem by Annie Frazier
art by Jensynne East and Phoebe Lewis

Beyond the Moon and the Stars
a review by F. Brett Cox
John Kessell, The Moon and the Other

Fifty Shades of Minotaur
a review by George Hovis
Steven Sherrill, The Minotaur
Takes His Own Sweet Time

New Memories of the Old Jim Crow
a review by Garrett Bridger Gilmore
Danny Johnson, The Last Road Home

Never Ceasing to Be Ourselves
a review by Donna A. Gessell
Kat Meads, In This Season of Rage and
Melancholy Such Irrevocable Acts as These

In Memoriam

Joseph Bathanti Remembers Kathryn Stripling Byer

Barbara Presnell Remembers Susan Laughter Meyers

with poetry by Shelby Stephenson

Sacred Anthems:
Familial Relations and Military Service

a review by Hannah Crane Sykes
Barbara Presnell, Blue Star

An Overlook in a Poet’s Corner:
The Occasion of “Selected and New Poems”

a review by Eric C. Walker
Mark Cox, Sorrow Bread

In Memoriam
June Guralnick Remembers Sally Buckner
a poem by Shelby Stephenson

North Carolina Miscellany

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Banjo (Pushcart nomination)
a short story by W.A. Polf
art by Heather Evans Smith

“Various and Complex”: Keeping Composed
a review by Celeste McMaster
Alice Fulton, Barely Composed

Dark Wonder
a review by Laura Sloan Patterson
Gabrielle Brant Freeman, When She Was Bad

Portrait: Wesley and Elvina Settling, 1901
a poem by Nicole Stockburger
art by Sallie White

How Memory Heals
a review by Grace C. Ocasio
Irene Blair Honeycutt, Beneath the Bamboo Sky

Of Leaving and What Remains Behind
a review by Hannah Crane Sykes
Patricia Hooper, Separate Flights

Fairytale Rules for the 21st Century Woman
a poem by Christina Clark
art by Rachel Elia and Alec Campbell-Barner

NCLR Editor Receives 2017 North Carolina
Award for Literature

introduced by Michele Walker