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​Two New City-Set Novels

Two New City-Set Novels

A review by James W. Clark, Jr

“What would Lee Roberts think of his son Terry’s latest novel? Set on Ellis Island, it is a hard-boiled detective thriller, the type of book Mr. Roberts was addicted to, short chapters and all. 

Having died many years ago, he will not be reading My Mistress’ Eyes Are Raven Black. Nor does Mr. Roberts know that his talented son’s three previous historical novels are bringing distinction to the family name and to Western North Carolina in particular… 

​Visiting a library with Daddy is one of the earliest memories of L. C. Fiore, author of Coyote Loop, set in Chicago. “Even today, the world never quite opens out for him the way it does when he renews his library card – the surging sensation that suddenly, through books, anything is possible” (333). Fiore’s impossibly raw 2008 Christmas season tour in and around the Chicago Board Options Exchange in the Loop is guided by John Andrew Ganzi, or JAG, a “Millionaire at twenty-six” (14) with a nasty gift of gab…”

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