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Book Reviews

NCLR will share a “new” book review weekly: usually from the most recent or forthcoming online issue, but sometimes, in recognition of current events, from a back issue.

Trayers reviews deGramont

Saturday Review: “An Agatha Christie Mystery – NOT Written By Agatha Christie”
a review by Shane Trayers of The Christie Affair (2023) by Nina de Gramont.

Duncan reviews Townsend

Saturday Review: “Split Identity and Shades of Local Color Writing” a review by Charles Duncan in NCLR Online Winter 2024 of Jacinda Townsend’s novel Mother Country (2022)

Knotts reviews Winslow

Saturday Review: “Community as Witness in West Mills” a review by Kristina L. Knotts in NCLR Online Winter 2024
De’Shawn Charles Winslow. Decent People (2023)

Abbate reviews Rice

Saturday Review: “Poetry of Place” a review by Chris Abbate in NCLR Online Winter 2024 of Forever Eighty-Eights (2022) by Molly Rice

Lang reviews White

Saturday Review: “Writing The Hurt” a review by John Lang in NCLR Online Winter 2024 of Charles Dodd White. A Year without Months (2022)

Vernon reviews Powell

Saturday Review: “To Love The South Surgically” a review by Zackary Vernon in NCLR Online Winter 2024 of The Late Rebellion (2024) by Mark Powell. “The Late Rebellion showcases Powell’s deep understanding of Southern cultures as well as his ability to distill the nuances of American life when everything around us seems precarious.”

Godwin reviews Roberts

Saturday Review: “From Big Pine to Jazz: Making A Life With Pizzazz” a review by Rebecca Godwin in NCLR Online Winter 2024
Terry Roberts. The Sky Club (2022)

Moore reviews Kenan

Saturday Review: “Lightening Strikes Twice” a review by Al-Tariq Moore in NCLR Online Winter 2024
Randall Kenan. Black Folk Could Fly: Selected Writings (2022)

This new collection of various essays published elsewhere allows the reader of Kenan’s lauded fiction a deeper understanding of the writer crafting the stories.

Beadle reviews Chamlee

Saturday Review: “The Poet and The Painter: Exploring Personal Landscapes”
a review of Kenneth Chamlee by Michael Beadle in NCLR Online Winter 2024
If Not These Things (2022)
The Best Material for the Artist in the World (2023)