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Book Reviews

NCLR will share a “new” book review weekly: usually from the most recent or forthcoming online issue, but sometimes, in recognition of current events, from a back issue.

Kessel reviews Bailey

Saturday Review: “Fright Night” a review by John Kessel in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Dale Bailey’s collection This Island Earth: 8 Features from the Drive-In (2023)

Gaspeny reviews Bathanti

Saturday Review: “A Song From the Combustible Heart of Pittsburgh” a review by Michael Gaspeny in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Joseph Bathanti’s collection The Act of Contrition & Other Stories (2023)

Bennett reviews McCorkle

Saturday Review: “Reflection Against the Darkness” a review by Barbara Bennett in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Jill McCorkle’s collection Old Crimes and Other Stories (2024)

Wilhelm reviews Morgan Essays

Saturday Review: “Fearsome Accomplishment”” a review by Randall Wilhelm in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Robert Morgan: Essays on the Life and Work (2022), edited by Robert M. West and Jesse Graves

Hovis reviews Morgan

Saturday Review: “Appalachian Journeys” a review by George Hovis in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Robert Morgans’s collection In the Snowbird Mountain and Other Stories (2023) and Rebecca Godwin’s monograph Community Across Time: Robert Morgan’s Words for Home (2023)

Cory reviews Hecimovich

Saturday Review: “Uncovering North Carolina’s Early Literary History” a review by Jessica Cory in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Gregg Hecimovich’s book The Life and Times of Hannah Crafts: The True Story of the Bondwoman’s Narrative (2023)

Abrams reviews Cariño

Saturday Review: “Sugar Burns Bitter” a review by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Ina Cariño’s collection Feast (2023)

Duncan reviews Ricketson

Saturday Review: “Words Worth Hearing” a review by Julia Nunnally Duncan in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Mary Ricketson’s novel Stutters: A Book of Hope (2023)

Smith reviews Rash

Saturday Review: “And We Are Here, Right Here” a review by Jimmy Dean Smith in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Ron Rash’s novel The Caretaker (2023)

Wilson reviews Boyles

Saturday Review: “Debut Novel By Carolina Newcomer Offers Thrill Ride” a review by Henry L. Wilson of Bark On by Mason Boyles (2023) in NCLR Online Winter 2024