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Editors’ Blog

The plural possessive is intentional. This blog will give all of NCLR’s editors a place to tell you how they contribute to NCLR’s mission to preserve and promote North Carolina’s rich literary history.

Editor Declares Her Book of the Year

I must have this book on my shelf. And I can’t wait to talk with author Marjorie Hudson about this incredible novel. (Yes, I did take notes as I read of things I want to talk with the author about.)

A Loud, Celebratory Insistence

Rich, varied stories about queer experiences are, truly, critical. And we have much to learn from these writings produced by and about established and emerging North Carolina LGBTQ+ writers. I truly look forward to the submissions we receive and the publication of the special feature.

Summer Reading Happened So Fast

I don’t know what made me grab Dawn Shamp’s 2008 novel _On Account of Conspicuous Women_ from the shelf where it was lying down among other books too tall for the height of the bookshelves.

My First S.W.O.T. 

In the current climate’s emphasis upon “pragmatic” programs of study, which Threatens perceived impractical subjects like creative writing and literature, ECU is providing Opportunities for students interested in these subjects…

Thomas Wolfe Society Welcomes Clyde Edgerton Home to Durham

This month, a blog post from one of our longtime editorial board members:
“I suspected that perhaps I was being made the butt of some Kafkaesque joke, but here I was, so I tapped on the door and was instructed by a voice brimming with barely suppressed laughter to ‘come on in.’”—George Hovis

Monday Memories: Magical Realism in NC

Prepping for this interview, I had perused my bookshelves thinking, Now which of these Southern writers are from North Carolina? Then I grabbed a slim volume by Fred Chappell to read on the plane…

NCLR’s Big Announcement for 2024

Via the broad audience of our online issues, digitizing the print issues for library subscription services, and, of course, social media, word about NCLR is getting out.