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Abrams reviews Cariño

Saturday Review: “Sugar Burns Bitter” a review by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Ina Cariño’s collection Feast (2023)

Not Lost: Elizabeth Spencer on Thomas Wolfe

Friday from the Archives: “Look Homeward, Angel: Of Ghosts, Angels, and Lostness” by Elizabeth Spencer, introduced by Terry L. Roberts, from NCLR 12 (2003)

We are looking forward to catching up dear friends at the Thomas Wolfe Society Conference in Durham NC at the end of May.

Duncan reviews Ricketson

Saturday Review: “Words Worth Hearing” a review by Julia Nunnally Duncan in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Mary Ricketson’s novel Stutters: A Book of Hope (2023)

Thomas Wolfe Society Conference in May

We are honored to welcome Clyde Edgerton, winner of the North Carolina Humanities Award for Literature, and Elizabeth Engelhardt, author of Boardinghouse Women, which examines the influence of the Old Kentucky Home on Wolfe’s life and works.  The theme of our conference is “The Short Stories of Thomas Wolfe.”

Smith reviews Rash

Saturday Review: “And We Are Here, Right Here” a review by Jimmy Dean Smith in NCLR Online Spring 2024 of Ron Rash’s novel The Caretaker (2023)


Friday from the Archives: “Trying to Find My Way Back Home to East Lake, North Carolina” an essay by Elena Tajima Creef from NCLR 14 (2005) “I begin to understand that in the end, the only things any of us can ever really leave behind for one another are the stories of our lives.”