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The North Carolina Literary Review

The North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR), produced at East Carolina University, publishes interviews and literary criticism about North Carolina writers and high-quality poetry, fiction, drama, and creative nonfiction by North Carolina writers or set in North Carolina. Our definition of a North Carolina writer is anyone who currently lives in North Carolina, has lived in North Carolina, or uses North Carolina as subject matter.

A cross between a scholarly journal and a literary magazine, NCLR has won numerous awards and citations, including five from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals: the Best New Journal award in 1994, the Best Journal Design award in 1999 and 2010, the Parnassus Award for Significant Editorial Achievement in 2007, and the Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement in 2014.

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From the Archives

  • Nothing Dull in Dorfman’s Desert

    Friday from the Archives: “Origins and Closure: An Interview with Ariel Dorfman” by Robert Siegal, introduced by Stuart W. Sanderson, with Lorraine Hale Robinson, from NCLR Issue 13 (2004) We would love to have more writings by and about Hispanic and Latinx North Carolina authors.

    Nothing Dull in Dorfman’s Desert

Book Reviews

  • Kesler reviews Gutierrez

    Kesler reviews Gutierrez

    Saturday Review: “A Port of Despair” a review by Jon Kesler of Michael Keenan Gutierrez’s The Swill (2022) Gutierrez’s The Swill “captures the gritty feel of a place and point in time.”

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