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1996 Cherokee student poetry

Friday from the Archives: a portion of “Cherokee Voices” from NCLR Issue 5 (1996)

We continue celebrating this year’s print issue, still available from UNC Press and in local bookstores across the state. In digging back through our archives, we continue to find other bits and pieces of North Carolina Native American voices sprinkled here and there through the years.

These poems were crafted by students at Cherokee High School in the late 1990s with teacher MariJo Moore.


by Monica Herbold

I have marks on my back that look like women
therefore I am the reason the women got to dance
back in the ancient ceremonies.
My purpose in these ceremonies was to tell the men
that all the women get to dance –
not just the men.


by Rachel Armachain, Monica Herbold, John Harlan, Jennifer Holt, Kelli Walkingstick, and Kristy Maney

We are proud of our cultural heritage
Respectful of our ancient traditions
Passing on the great gift of remembering
We are Cherokee.

We are proud of our unique language
Respectful of our determined ancestors
Passing on the great gift of
Producing our crafts.

We are proud of our never-dying knowledge
Respectful of our wise Elders
Passing on the great gift of
Our spiritual beauty.

You can still order the 1996 issue for your collection.