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NCLR returns to SAMLA in 2023

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Friday, November 10

Our 2023 Special Feature Editor, Dr. Kirstin Squint, is presenting, with her co-interviewer Dr. Miriam Brown Spiers, their interview with Blake Hausman, published in NCLR 2023 print issue.

09-15 The Future of Indigenous Futurism
Suwanee | Saturday | 10:15-11:30am
Chair: Miriam Brown Spiers, Kennesaw State University (
Co-Chair: Scott Andrews, California State University, Northridge (

05-01 North Carolina Literary Review 2024: Disability (in) North Carolina Literature
Athens | Friday | 3:00-4:15pm
Chair: Casey Kayser, University of Arkansas (

Donna Summerlin, Lee University (
Othering, Stigmatization, and Exclusion in Lee Smith’s Guests on Earth: Highland Hospital and the Treatment and Perception of Mental Illness in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Our 2024 Special Feature Editor, Dr. Casey Kayser, will be moderating a panel on our feature “Disability (in) NC Literature” with panelists Delia Steverson, Paula Eckard, and Donna Summerlin.

SAMLA 95 (In)Security: The Future of Literature and Language Studies will be held in Atlanta in November.