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FREE BOOKS! (with purchase)

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We are preparing for our closet cleanout/issue inventory next week, which seems like a good time to mail out copies of back issues to NCLR readers.

GOAL: $2500 of the NCLR budget is contingent upon back issue sales, and we still need almost $2000 of that. So, until June 1, we are offering a FREE BOOK with every purchase of at least $50 (while supplies last) or the chance to be in a drawing for a FREE BOOK for any purchase. The number of names we’ll draw will depend on how close we get to our $2000 sales goal.

How do I get my free book? After making your purchase from our UStore, use the button below to email 3 of the titles from the list below, in order of preference (in case your 1st or 2nd choices have already been claimed). We’ll put your gift book in the mail with your new back issues.

You can read reviews of most of these books via NCLR Online but don’t wait – we only have one copy of each book. START SHOPPING!

(You can find the tables of contents of every back issue online from this page.) NCLR issues never go out of date!

Giveaway Titles

Disclaimer: These are review copies sent to us over the years by publishers, so many have been “slightly used” as we quote-checked our book reviewers.